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Get rid of fungus gnats and sciarid flies!

The highly powerful remedy that serious growers need to have is CX Tanlin!

To protect your priceless crops against fungus gnats and sciarid flies that devour the roots of your plants, this product has no odour, is simple to apply, and contains no dangerous pesticides.

CX Horticulture - Tanlin Features

  • A very small amount (one millilitre) produces 100 litres.
  • There are 2000 litres in a 20 ml bottle.
  • Useful while following any nutrient program
  • won't have an impact on healthy microbes.
  • It is absolutely inert and non-toxic; it has no effect on the plant in any manner.
  • Tanlin Drops is safe for people, pets, and plants.

How to use?

Once a week, add 1 ml (40 drops) of Tanlin Drops to your usual feed as a maintenance measure for 100 L (25 gal).

Treat with Tanlin Drops every three days in the following ways for more intensive use:


  • 2 drops per 4 L (1 gal) of water
  • Totally soak the growth medium.


  • Add 1 ml (40 drops) of tanlin Drops per 100 L (25 gal) to your nutrient tank. If your watering system does not completely saturate your medium, water it by hand until it is totally saturated.
  • Make sure T Drops are uniformly distributed throughout your medium.

For best results use with Stick Traps!

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