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Flow Tray - 15" | 22"

The Flow Tray is a gravity-fed tray that helps to prevent water overflow and make garden maintenance easier.

It is available in two sizes: 15.5" and 22".

The 15.5" tray is designed to work with small nursery pots up to 26.5 litres, fabric pots up to 26.5 litres, and standard containers up to 37.9 litres.

The 22" tray is designed for use with larger nursery pots up to 75.7 litres, fabric pots up to 75.7 litres, and standard containers up to 94.6 litres.

What are the benefits of using the Flow Tray?

The Runoff Tray offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Prevents water overflow: The gravity-fed design of the tray helps to prevent water from overflowing, which can damage your plants and make cleanup a hassle.
  • Makes garden maintenance easier: The tray's sloped design makes it easy to drain water, and the included elbow fitting allows you to connect multiple trays to one main drain site.
  • Allows growers to test EC / PH Levels: The tray's open design allows you to easily test the EC / PH levels of the water, which can help you to optimize your plant care.
  • Adjustable height: The tray includes optional PVC legs that allow you to adjust the height of the tray, which can be helpful if you have uneven floors or if you want to raise the tray off the ground to prevent pests.

What are the included accessories?

The Runoff Tray includes the following accessories:

  • Universal 1/2" elbow fitting: This fitting can be used to assemble the tray with 3/4" vinyl hose or any size PVC hard-pipe.
  • Optional PVC legs: These legs allow you to adjust the height of the tray.

Additional FAQs

What is the recommended water depth for the Flow Tray?

The recommended water depth for the Flow Tray is 1-2 inches.

This will help to prevent water from overflowing and will also help to keep your plants' roots moist.

How often should I empty the water from the Flow Tray?

You should empty the water from the Flow Tray as needed.

If you are using the tray for hydroponics, you will need to empty the water more frequently.

If you are using the tray for traditional potting, you can empty the water less frequently.

What should I do if the water in the Flow Tray starts to smell?

If the water in the Runoff Tray starts to smell, it means that there is too much organic matter in the water.

You can fix this by emptying the water and adding fresh water.

You can also add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the water to help break down the organic matter.

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