The Green Pad CO2 Generator Grand Daddy 2 Pack

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The Green Pad CO2 Generator Grand Daddy 2 Pack

 Lasts around two weeks, peaking at the end of the first week, and new pads are swapped weekly.

To maintain higher PPM levels, use 1-2 green pads every 8-12 cubic metres.

The Green Pad Original CO2 Generator is a one-of-a-kind and powerful solution to increase the amount of CO2 in your production setup.

The Green Pad collects the humidity in your space to power its CO2 generation reactions. It employs a novel combination of carbons and acids that react to humidity to trigger a measured CO2 emission.

The Green Pad Original is ideal for large rooms or large grow tents, as it promotes faster and more vigourous green growth! Plant growth and development require CO2.

According to research, raising ambient CO2 levels can boost growth rates by up to 30%! See how the GreenPad can deliver rapid development!

• 2 Pack

• Simply spray and go!

• Tip: Leaving a moist sponge inside the fold of a Grand Daddy Pad will increase CO2 levels.

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