Torus Hydro XPH Refill Pods 3 Pack

Size: 35 gal / 130L
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Torus Hydro’s Refill Pods keep your XpH – Automated pH Regulator working optimally. 

Our new and improved Refill Pods are incredibly simple and easy to use compared to our legacy liquid recharge solution.

These pods are packed matrices of charged ions, to maintain water health and regulate pH.

Each package contains 3 pods. Each pod lasts an estimated 4-8 weeks

“The main function of the ‘XpH’ is holding the pH steady, but this is only one function of the device. The other (and more important) is : The XpH also adds beneficial electrical ion “charge” to the system, increasing the health & vitality of the water, which the Bio-Magnetic plants respond very well to. A stable pH is a secondary effect of a healthy water charge.

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