Total Horticulture Concentration Bloom A & B

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Total Horticulture Concentration Bloom A & B

Advanced High-Performance Nutrient Solution

  • Suitable For: Hydroponics, cocoponics, soil, or substrate
  • Methods: Recirculating or run-to-waste

Key Features:

  • Carefully balanced blend of main and trace elements
  • Formulated for professional and novice growers
  • Promotes amazing yields, fruiting, flowering, and budding
  • Improves aroma, plant health, and vitality
  • Extremely concentrated for rapid bloom development
  • Contains pure organic Fulvic acid to enhance health and performance


  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Energises plant cells
  • Dissolves minerals and trace elements
  • Chelates trace minerals, enhancing cell division
  • Delays aging process in plants
  • Releases tied-up minerals, improving photosynthesis
  • Detoxifies medium pollutants
  • Stimulates beneficial bacteria growth
  • Enhances germination, root strike, and moisture storage
  • Builds brix levels, reducing wilting


  • Follow the specific mixing directions provided on the packaging.
  • Apply during the plant's bloom stage for best results.
  • Compatible with various growing methods and setups.

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