Total Horticulture Concentration Silica

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  • Total Horticulture Concentration Silica
  • Total Horticulture Concentration Silica is a fully soluble, certified organic form of Potassium Silicate.
  • Crafted in Australia from natural, certified organic elements.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances photosynthesis.
  • Builds stronger, more vigorous stems.
  • Raises brix levels for sweeter, more nutritious plants.
  • Forms an armor-like resilient layer on outer cell walls, reducing susceptibility to fungal attacks.
  • Strengthens plant cell walls, improving overall plant growth.
  • Boosts quality and yield of harvest.
  • Reduces lodging, making plants more sturdy.
  • Decreases plant palatability to pests.
  • Minimizes fungal colonization sites.
  • Increases chlorophyll production for greener, healthier plants.

Silica's Role:

  • Counteracts the negative effects of excess aluminium, sodium, and manganese.
  • Essential for strong, healthy plant development and resilience.

For Stronger, Healthier Plants:

  • Incorporate Total Horticulture Concentration Silica into your plant care routine for enhanced growth, strength, and productivity.

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