Tribus Original Microbial Inoculant

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One Of The Best Microbe Products On The Market!

The Best Way to Increase Nutrient Availability and Uptake and Improve Root Growth Is By Using Tribus!

Tribus® Original is a blend of rhizobacteria that naturally colonise the root zone of plants and promote plant growth by improving macro- and micronutrient availability. 

Tribus® Original has a high concentration of bacteria that occupy the area around and on the roots of plants, enhancing plant productivity in all situations.

All fertilisation plans and growing material are compatible with Tribus® Original. 

Proven Results:

  • +15% increase dry weight yield
  • +14% increase in growth rate
  • +16% increase in stem diameter

By creating enzymes and other biochemicals that enhance nutrient availability and uptake, improve root and stem growth, and increase the plant's growth rate and yield, these bacteria collaborate symbiotically with the plant.

Up to the day of harvest, Tribus Original can be administered to both seedlings and clones.

The only microbial product you need to put on any plant you're cultivating is Tribus® Original, an All-In-One. Tribus will support it as long as it is rooted!

Tribus is one of the most versatile additives on the market today for growers!

Tribus' thorough testing and data-driven commitment to enhancing growers' yields all over the world provide growers much more confidence when using it.

Tribus is a must-have for commercially scaled enterprises and cost-conscious growers of all kinds since it will increase fertiliser efficiency, increase yields, and significantly shorten the time it takes for cuttings to root.

Tribus will increase stem width by 16% and growth by about 14%, which will result in 14% more nodes, 14% greater yields, and a shorter veg period.

In addition to these advantages, increased enzyme production from the bacteria in Tribus will assist the plant's use of valuable compounds like fats and oils as well as the breakdown of carbohydrates for added benefits in plant production.

One Of The Best things?

Tribus Can Last You FOREVER!

 1 liter of Tribus will treat one acre.

Tribus Includes the following Bacteria Species

-Bacillus subtilis
-Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
-Bacillus pumilus

Click here Tribus Original Microbal Inoculent Feed Chart 

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