ULight 680w Full Spectrum LED Bar Light

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ULight 680w LED Bar Light: Efficiency and Quality

Full Spectrum & High Efficiency:

The ULight LED bar light, with its robust 680w output, provides a full spectrum of light, essential for optimal plant growth.

Its efficiency of 2.9umol/j ensures that your plants receive the light intensity they need.

Superior Coverage & Quality Diodes:

Equipped with 3024 high-quality diodes, ensuring light spread and coverage.

The impressive 1972 PPFD value guarantees deep light penetration for enhanced growth.

Durable Construction & Safety:

Designed for longevity, our LED light boasts a rugged construction with an IP65 rating, ensuring durability and protection in various environmental conditions.

Energy Efficiency & Low Heat Output:

This LED light is not only energy-efficient but also operates at a low temperature, significantly reducing your energy costs and minimizing the risk of heat damage to your plants.

Fully Controllable Lighting:

Customize the lighting to suit your garden's needs. The dimmable feature and external control provide flexibility and ease in adjusting light intensity.

3-Year Warranty for Assurance:

Invest with confidence, knowing that the ULight LED bar light comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.

Why Choose ULight?:

The ULight 680w Full Spectrum LED Bar Light is not just a grow light; it's a commitment to superior quality, efficiency, and control in indoor gardening.


Max. Power: 680W ‡ 3%.
Nominal Voltage: 200V - 277V.
Nominal Current: 2.45A - 3.4A.
Efficacy: 2.9umol/J.
Output: 1972PPF.
Colour Temperature: 3300K.
IP Rating: IP65.
Diodes: Osram and Honglitronic.
Dimming: 0-10V or 50% 60% 80% 100%.
Weight: 12.4 kg.
Unit Dimensions: 1135mm x 1100mm x 78mm
Carton Dimensions: 1190mm x 676mm x 120mm

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