Ultra Klean - Ultra Mask Urine Detox - 9oz

Flavour: Mandrin Orange
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  • Three Delicious Flavors: Choose from Cherry Red, Mandarin Orange, and Wild Berry Blast.
  • Complete Detox Solution: Cleanses all toxins 1-5 hours after consumption.
  • Easy to Use: Simply shake, drink, refill with water, and urinate 2-3 times.

What’s Included:

  1. Ultra Mask 1 Hour Liquid (Select Your Flavor): A carbohydrate-based formula designed to effectively cleanse toxins. Just drink the liquid, refill with water after 15 minutes, and ensure to urinate 2-3 times within the next 45 minutes.

For High Toxin Levels:

  • Recommended: Use POWER FLUSH Herbal Tea or Capsules one hour prior to the Ultra Mask for users with high toxin exposure.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ultra Mask Liquid: Shake and drink. Refill with water 15 minutes later and drink. Urinate 2-3 times.

Preparation for Optimal Results:

  • Avoid toxins and unnecessary medications for 24-72 hours before use.
  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to use but limit water intake on the day of to prevent dilution.
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours before using the product to ensure dehydration does not hinder the detox process.

This combo is your straightforward solution to detoxing, offering both immediate and potent results with natural ingredients.

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