Urban Jardin Coco Perlite - 50L

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Urban Jardin Coco / Perlite - 50L 

 A Medium For You That Gives No Nutrient Lock Out And Better Aeration!

Urban Jardin Coco Perlite blend is a premium coir-based growing medium that has been specially designed to provide improved aeration in your growing medium.

Premium Urban Jardin Coco Coir has been washed and buffered properly to eliminate excess E.C. (salts) that may be found in raw material at levels that hinder plant growth.

By treating the product with a calcium solution intended to replace sodium and balance calcium and potassium on the cation exchange, the coco is fully buffered. 

Urban Jardin Coco is pH stable and has the right air to water ratio, allowing for maximum air penetration and optimal water absorption, providing the ideal growing environment for your plant.

Ingredients for soil amendment:

  • 70% coco coir fibre (coconut fibre)

  • 30% perlite

  • Other chemicals in total: 0%


  • Washed and prepped

  • Perfect pH range: 5.5 to 6.5 Pest-free and clean

  • Quite Low E.C.

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