Verti-Clip Fan 6" Oscillating Grow Room Fan - 150mm

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Verti-Clip Fan 6" Oscillating Grow Room Fan (150mm)

Must Have For Your Grow room!


This oscillating 150mm clip fan conveniently connects to vertical grow tent poles and constantly oscillates with a 90-degree rotation and several speeds.

High-performance clip fan for air flow over your plants' canopy with little wind-related stress!

Plants benefit much from growing indoors, but there is a risk of heat damage. Direct lamp heat and insufficient ventilation can exhaust and stress plants, resulting in reduced quality and quantity production.

An oscillating wall fan can provide essential airflow to a grow area or room, which is required by all growing plants.

It will help lessen heat waves and hot patches caused by artificial lighting.

The plants will grow better if the heat on the canopy is kept low. If you're growing in a large inclosure, you'll need to make sure there's lots of air flow within, and these fans are ideal.

The second advantage of moving air about a grow tent or room is that it reduces the possibility of dead spots and mould growth.

A circulating fan will keep the air moving and the garden healthy!

Oscillating Verti-Clip Fan Specifications

  • 150mm Diameter

  • 20W Power

  • 90° Oscillation

  • Vertical Clip (for tent poles)

What are the benefits of using a Verti-Clip Fan in my grow room?

  • Improves air circulation, which helps to reduce heat waves, hot spots, and the risk of mould growth.
  • Creates a more ideal environment for plant growth, resulting in healthier plants and potentially better quality and quantity yield.
  • Is energy-efficient, using only 20W of power.
  • Is easy to attach to tent poles, making it a suitable option for various grow room setups.

How does the oscillation feature of the Verti-Clip Fan improve my grow room?

  • The 90° oscillation feature ensures that air is circulated evenly throughout your grow room, eliminating dead spots and reducing the risk of mold settling and growing on your plants.
  • This helps to create a more uniform temperature and humidity environment, which is ideal for plant growth.

What is the power usage of the Verti-Clip Fan?

  • The Verti-Clip Fan uses only 20W of power, making it an energy-efficient option.

Can the Verti-Clip Fan be easily attached to tent poles?

  • Yes, the Verti-Clip Fan features a vertical clip that allows for easy attachment to tent poles.

What type of plug does the Verti-Clip Fan come with?

  • The Verti-Clip Fan comes with an AU 2 Pin plug, making it compatible with Australian power sockets.


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