W2G Probiotics - 300g

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W2G Probiotics 300g 

Increase the Power of Your Roots!

A billion microbiological minions who exist solely to clean your root system!

Probiotics comprise 16 Endo and Ecto Michorrizal Fungi, 8 Trichoderma species, 57 helpful bacteria germs, and 1.4 billion probiotic colony forming units per gramme.

Probiotics battle with and starve anaerobic (bad) bacteria, keeping your roots as white as snow.

W2G Probiotics can be used on seedlings, rooted cuttings, and during the plant's growth and flowering cycle.

Don't let Probiotics go to waste:

Reintroduce them weekly directly into the pots.

Start them in a pail of tepid water with two tablespoons raw sugar and an air stone. Brew for 6 hours, stirring occasionally. Using a watering can, further dilute and distribute equally into separate pots.

Re-circulation or header tank application: Installing a Bio Ball filter (think tropical fish tanks) on the side of your header tank will provide a permanent, well-oxygenated habitat for billions of healthy bios to proliferate and re-inhabit your root zone. Otherwise, apply as directed.

IMPORTANT: Maintain water temps of 18 degrees to 25 degrees. Keep the tank oxygenated and the water stirred at all times.


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